Michael Blanchard Photography http://www.michaelblanchard.com/ Michael Blanchard Photography en-us SEE 'GALLERIES' PAGE ABOVE FOR EVENT PHOTOS http://www.michaelblanchard.com/blog.cfm?postID=386 http://www.michaelblanchard.com/blog.cfm?postID=386 Fri, 01 Jun 2012 02:37:00 GMT May ... June are some of the busiest months of the event calendar here in Boston. So far I've photographed a number of exciting charity events, including the MSPCA Gala, BCRF Hot Pink Party, Rogerson Communities Gala, Boys ... Girls Club House Party, Boston Arts Adademy Gala, Make-A-Wish Gala and the Slater Foundation benefit for Operation Homefront. Other events include several in-store cocktail parties plus many corporate and private functions. Thank you to everyone who has gotten together for a photo this season, but beware it's not over yet! To view photos from these events and more, click on the galleries page above.

Michael Blanchard at the Boys ... Girls Club House Party, May 2012 by Bill Brett.

Note: The below blog pages have not been updated since the fall of 2010. A site re-do is in the planning stages. Stay tuned!

MICHAEL BLANCHARD http://www.michaelblanchard.com/blog.cfm?postID=124 http://www.michaelblanchard.com/blog.cfm?postID=124 Sun, 11 Nov 2007 22:29:00 GMT "This Newton-based photographer is a fixture at New England's most exclusive parties." -Boston Common Magazine

Genevieve de Manio photography.

In 1998, my father handed me two disposable cameras. As simple as that was, it changed my life. My assignment? Take pictures of our 1925 family home as it stood before a major renovation. I learned here how to document the world in front of me.

In 2004 I got my first taste of the bright lights (although behind them). I was in high school at the time, and very eager to graduate with more than just a manila folder of essays and tests. It was an election year, and the Democratic National Convention was coming to Boston. Determined to get myself inside, I somehow did just that. All four nights I made my way down to the floor, kneeling with photographers and reporters from across the country. 15 feet from President Clinton I knelt - and took pictures.

I get such a kick out of my job. I love the fact that I am able to go places and meet people at occasions I would otherwise normally have no business at. This is why I fell in love with photojournalism. Every day, something new. Whether I'm shooting an event or national news story, my approach remains the same. I always try to tell a complete story of the day through a series of images taken through my point of view.

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Best of Boston - Fan Pier, South Boston http://www.michaelblanchard.com/blog.cfm?postID=363 http://www.michaelblanchard.com/blog.cfm?postID=363 Thu, 19 Aug 2010 16:04:00 GMT Boston Magazine celebrated the release of their annual "Best of Boston" issue last month at Fan Pier in South Boston.

Bill Taylor and Kristan Fletcher of the Four Seaons Boston with Lynne and Gary Smith of Wellesley.

Sydney Turner and Kris Mayrhofer.

The girls of Patron.

Brian Kelly and fiancee Sherri.

Brian's Infiniti dealership in Danvers, Kelly, was the first Infiniti dealer in the world.

The beautiful Aditi Ruhi.

Marilyn Riseman and her friends enjoying the party.

David ... Emily Geller.

Tara Borawski ... Alejandro Miranda.

Patrick Dole, Joseph Wawrzyn, Andrew Dole, Tia Carioli and Nathanael Bluhm of Mystery Roar.

Bobby Garnett and Dr. Ali Muhammad.

Mr. Garnett won best vintage clothing store for his shop on Thayer Street, Bobby from Boston.

Maureen Balsbaugh.

Gina Morda, Beth Dickerson, Wendy Goldstein Pierce ... Nicole Conlon.

Thanh and Cedric Tonello and Stephanie Loeber.

Joe Fallon with Susan and David Lipson.

Rebecca ... Alexandra Hynes and Rob Cohen.

Alexis, Alena and Angela Gianopulos.

Gretchen Olney ... Kristina Tsipouras.

Check out Kristina's blog @ Boston Weekends.

Fan Pier @ night.

Erin ... myself.

Trying out the new Infiniti QX.

Kyle VonIderstein, Casey Haight, Heather White and Ryan McDaid.

Liz Nolan ... Max Buccini.

Nick Cummings of Louis Boston.

Mary Richardson ... Stan Leven.

Nathanael Bluhm of Mystery Roar crankin it out.

Joseph B. Dowd and Ben Mezrich.

StyleBoston co-host Anthony Corey and Linda Holliday.

Chris Langley and Alexandra Hynes of 44 Communications.

Ryan Stranz, Heather North McGraw, Leah Collins, Marcia McKniff and Jed McGraw.

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Horseback Riding Lessons - Make-A-Wish Foundation http://www.michaelblanchard.com/blog.cfm?postID=362 http://www.michaelblanchard.com/blog.cfm?postID=362 Tue, 17 Aug 2010 03:47:00 GMT Working with Make-A-Wish is one of my favorite things to do. A few weeks ago I photographed a little girl whose wish it was to take horseback riding lessons. Make-A-Wish Foundation hooked her up with a beautiful and gentle horse named Simon.

Her expressions were so adorable.

This is Simon's owner who gives lessons in the back of her Wayland home.

Getting acquainted.

Her Mom joined us for a photo.

My favorite.

Hugs for Simon.

** Most photos were taken with the Nikon D3. I'm a long time Canon guy but wanted to try the D3 (which I liked very much!)

Patricia Yeo - Ginger Park, South End http://www.michaelblanchard.com/blog.cfm?postID=361 http://www.michaelblanchard.com/blog.cfm?postID=361 Sat, 14 Aug 2010 03:25:00 GMT Culinary star Patricia Yeo arrived at Boston's Ginger Park last year in a move that she had not planned for, but could not pass up. I stopped by Ginger Park a few weeks ago to photograph Yeo for a magazine piece in the works. Considering she has built quite a name for herself, Yeo still says her place is in the kitchen. "Chefs are not supposed to be photographed!" she insisted.

** Side note, I still have not actually eaten at Ginger Park - Whose in??

HGTV Green Home - Pine Hills Plymouth, MA http://www.michaelblanchard.com/blog.cfm?postID=360 http://www.michaelblanchard.com/blog.cfm?postID=360 Fri, 13 Aug 2010 03:08:00 GMT If you are familiar with HGTV's Green Home giveaway, trust me when I say, DON'T FORGET to enter next year! I recently photographed the winners of the 2010 Green Home as they got the keys to their new digs at Pine Hills in Plymouth, MA.

The 2010 HGTV Green Home at Pine Hills in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Green home winners Sandra ... Kermit Gilson from NY State.

Walking to their new home with HGTV President, Jim Samples.

Welcome home!

Sandra with interior designer Linda Woodrum, host Jamie Durie and house planner Jack Thomason.

Inside the first floor.

He literally fell asleep during the tour... no joke!

Those involved on the project were welcomed back to celebrate.

HGTV's Jamie Durie.

The coffee table was hand painted by Nantucket artist, Audrey Sterk.

In the boy's room.

Later in the evening HGTV hosted a party at South Boston's Artists for Humanity.

Artists for Humanity (EpiCenter) is LEED certified and one of Boston's greenest buildings.

The event was produced by Michael Yavorsky of MY Experience.

We printed photographs from the afternoon as favors for guests.

Artists from the program at EpiCenter were set up at the party.

Linda Woodrum and Jack Thomason celebrating a job well done!

For more information on the HGTV Green Home, visit the HGTV website.

Hudson BCRF Classic - Liberty National Golf Course, NJ http://www.michaelblanchard.com/blog.cfm?postID=359 http://www.michaelblanchard.com/blog.cfm?postID=359 Sun, 18 Jul 2010 23:05:00 GMT Last week The Breast Cancer Research Foundation held it's first annual Hudson Golf Classic at the picturesque Liberty National golf course in New Jersey overlooking the Manhattan skyline. The event raised a half million dollars for research.

Philanthropist Michael Fux offered his exotic car collection for display at the event.

Liberty National owner Paul Fireman ... BCRF President Myra Biblowit.

Rolls Royce sponsored the event and made a number of their beautiful cars available for test drive.

Alonzo Mourning, Jason Taylor, Michael Fux ... Dan Marino.

Hudson Jeans founder Peter Kim.

William Lauder ... his friends on the course.

Mike's Hard Lemonade sponsored with special pink ribbon bottles.

Sharon Sager taking a spin!

Liberty National is even more breathtaking in person!

Paul Fireman, Andy Spellman ... Steve Fireman.

Double Cross Vodka also sponsored.

Myself on the course, although I did not golf!

More autos from Michael's collection arrived throughout the day...

Jason Taylor.

Cynthia Lufkin, Gloria Rubin, Gloria Gaynor, Myra Biblowit and Anna Deluca.

Alonzo Mourning, Dan Marino and Jason Taylor.

Paul Fireman trying on a Cartier watch.

Leonard Lauder and wife Evelyn, BCRF Founder ... Chairman.

Dan Marino, Peter Kim, William Lauder, Paul Fireman ... Michael Fux.

Dan ... Cynthia Lufkin.

Dinner and a performance at Liberty National.

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Sam Slater's Birthday with Kevin Rudolf http://www.michaelblanchard.com/blog.cfm?postID=357 http://www.michaelblanchard.com/blog.cfm?postID=357 Thu, 01 Jul 2010 00:57:00 GMT Boston party-guy Sam Slater celebrated his birthday last month with a private concert by Kevin Rudolf at the Estate.

Samantha Stumpo and Sam Slater.

Sam and some friends at his home before the show.

Josh Zakim and Nick Polychronopoulos.

The beautiful Elizabeth Sleeper.

Over at the Estate...

Sam Slater and Kevin Rudolf.

Verne Troyer "Mini-Me" stopped by as well.

Check out his website/blog @ VerneTroyer.com

Kevin Rudolf performing "I Made It".

Kate Herman and Sam Slater.

I love this shot!

Boston Magazine Summer Party - Majesty Cruise http://www.michaelblanchard.com/blog.cfm?postID=356 http://www.michaelblanchard.com/blog.cfm?postID=356 Wed, 30 Jun 2010 02:39:00 GMT Last week Boston Magazine hosted a summer cruise on the Majesty, sponsored by Grey Goose. Please enjoy the slideshow!

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Louis Grand Opening - Fan Pier South Boston http://www.michaelblanchard.com/blog.cfm?postID=355 http://www.michaelblanchard.com/blog.cfm?postID=355 Sun, 13 Jun 2010 00:51:00 GMT Bay State clothier Debi Greenberg re-opened her store Louis Boston on Fan Pier this past week.

The new Louis at Fan Pier.

Debi Greenberg ... her daughter, Samantha.

The Greenberg family.

Sam and her friends.

Sam's restaurant on the second floor of Louis, a soon-to-be popular afterwork spot for sure!

John and Linda Henry.

The staff of the Mario Russo salon.

Performance artists entertained guests at the party.

Debi Greenberg ... Maria Fei.

Jared Bowen, Barbara Quiroga and son, Gustavo.

Michael S. Lorber.

Tamar performed.

...As did the band, Endway.

Meanwhile outside...

Celebrating 15 years!

Julia Owens ... Laura Baldini.

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