Happy 40th Anniversary Cabot's Ice Cream & Restaurant!
This summer marks forty years of business for a famous local landmark - Cabot's Ice Cream & Restaurant. Generations of Newtonites continue to visit Cabot's for their larger then life ice cream sundaes, delicious waffles, and hearty sandwiches.
Cabot's held an "Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social" on Saturday in honor of their 40th anniversary.
Flippo the clown entertained.
My friend Lisa & myself.

I actually photographed Lisa last year for a magazine that wrote about her. Click HERE to see the photos!
It's an ice cream world... and Lisa is a BIG fan!
Stephanie, you're beautiful.
Joseph Prestejohn, owner of Cabot's and Newton Mayor David Cohen enjoying a dish of vanilla!
Lori & Amanda.

Love the pins!
Cabot's family photo + myself.
"Mrs. Cabot"

If you're from Newton, Mrs. Cabot is likely a familiar face!
Cabot's was recognized by the state for "providing scoops of fun and smile to the people of Newton" for forty years!
Incase you didn't know, Cabot's gave me my first job in the summer before my freshman year of high school, at age fourteen. Few places are willing to hire kids this young (for good reason!) so Newton North students are lucky to have Cabot's down the street. With seven years under my belt, working there allowed me to, among other things, buy my own car and start my business (those cameras didn't pay for themselves!) I think it's awesome that my first job wasn't at a gas station, grocery store or swimming pool, but at a unique restaurant that I can continue to visit for hopefully, another forty!

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Picnic in the park 2009 - Fenway Park
Hundreds of Red Sox fans - mostly families - gathered on the green at Fenway Park Sunday for this years Picnic in the Park.
Picnic in the Park benefits the Red Sox Foundation.

Mike O'Malley emceed.
Mikey & Enza.
Melanie's newborn, Mattie, enjoyed the view from center field!
Enza & myself.
**Note: If you're going to the game this weekend, please consider dropping off a new or gently used children's book to our Hits for Kids book drive at any gate entrance!! The goal is to collect 100,000 childen's books for the Boston Public Schools.**
For information please visit YouksKids.org.

Herb Chambers Master of Excellence - Showcase Live
If you live in the New England area, chances are you or someone you know have purchased a car from Herb Chambers. With over forty area dealerships ranging from Lexus, Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Infiniti and BMW just to name a few, Herb Chambers is a busy guy. With all of his success, comes thanks. Every year a select few of deserving Herb Chambers employees gather for a black tie affair called, Master of Excellence. This year the coveted awards ceremony was held at the new Showcase Live in Patriot Place, Foxborough. I have never seen so many "dealer" license plates all in one parking lot before!
Over sixty awards were handed out on stage.
Nicole Martin and fiancee Michael.
Gentlemen from the beautiful new Lexus of Sharon dealership on Route 1.
Herb Chambers.
This man won manager of the year.

Clearly the culture at Herb's dealerships is unique. It was nice to see people appreciated for their hard work.
Herb Chambers and Melissa Lee.
This lady was crazy - I loved her.
A special thanks to my associate Taz for helping out!

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A Tribute to Henry Z. Steinway - M. Steinert & Sons Boston
Last night I accompanied my father to the M. Steinert & Sons Steinway store on Boylston Street for a celebration honoring the late Henry Z. Steinway. As the legendary Steinway piano company recently surpassed its 155th year of business, Henry Z. Steinway - the great-grandson of the founder - died at 93. He was the last remaining member of the Steinway family to serve as President. As the world changes, Steinway continues to create the same luxurious pianos enjoyed by generations of enthusiasts.
The piano men.

Steve Dawe, Manager at M. Steinert & Sons, Ray Rotuna, Sales Manager for Steinway & Sons, Ron Losby, President of Steinway & Sons, Paul and Jerome Murphy, Owners of M. Steinert & Sons and Brendan Murphy, Director at M. Steinert & Sons.
Joe Blanchard, pianist.

Hear his music at JoeBlanchard.com.
Jerome Murphy and Elizabeth Wallace.
My father & I.

a peek inside "the 50's room"
Last week I began to photograph the home of a family who recently completed a five year meticulously renovation. This isn't your ordinary home either. Down the hall from a movie theatre, indoor gym and pool is none other than a "50's room!"

Reminiscent of somewhere you may have visited as a kid, this impressive room is a hot spot for family parties. Complete with state of the art appliances, a stainless steel bar was designed with ice cream lovers in mind! Also in this retro room is a neon fiber fireplace, original juke box, a bright yellow pool table, and of course, vintage diner booths covered in red leather!
Interior photography is something that I really enjoy and I look forward to sharing more of my work in the future!

The New Nonantum Boxing Club - Open House
After three years operating out of a local gym, the Nonantum Boxing Club was ready to move out. The club now has a great new space to call their own. Started by a group of friends, the Nonantum Boxing Club offers classes for all age groups and experience levels. At the open house were two boxing icons, State Auditor Joe Denucci and North End legend Tony DeMarco.
Tony DeMarco and Joe Denucci.
With Denucci and DeMarco are the guys who started the boxing club together.
Nathan Busa, Tony DeMarco and Joe Denucci.
Phil Riffe.
These guys spent a long time getting the club ready for this day and it really came out great! A giant ring is currently on order!

Click HERE to see a panoramic image of the space!
DeMarco and Denucci talked about the importance of community and fitness.

Denucci said without boxing he would not be where he is today.
My first attempt at boxing happened in June when my USMC-trainer told me that I was doing it. Boxing wasn't something I had ever considered, but it didn't take long to realize what an amazing workout and fun sport it is!
I'm looking forward to becoming better at it in the coming months!

The Nonantum Boxing Club is now located at 75 Adams Street in Newton, MA. Classes start at only $20!

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