Thanksgiving after hours
After my family fun I headed over to Kim's to continue the night. Apparently everyone else did too!

Nate, Kim, Myself & Allison.
What's a party without pool?
Kimberly being hot.
At least someone always welcomes the camera :)
Meanwhile... across town.
Linda & fam.
I love this one.
Allison! You make me happy.
Sam & I.
Happy Birthday Ash!!! You look GREAT! :)
Oh oh...
Steve & Sarah.
Another Bowe.
You almost hit the ball that time Sam! Good job.
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Don't Bother getting me a christmas present...
...Because I already bought everything!

Stephanie came over this afternoon with her sister while I did her senior portrait. As we were leaving to go outside, the door shut, and I realized that my keys were inside. With a few hours to kill until someone could let me in, I asked if anyone wanted to go to the apple store... Stephanie and her sister were down!

And look what I bought!
Stephanie was in shock.
Thanks for coming with me! Long overdue...
The new 24" Imac!
Steph hanging out at the Collection...
Blending in.
My christmas card? I think so!

By the way, I was always the person who said he'd never get a mac... I've always been a huge loyalist to Gateways, and they still hold a place in my heart. However, I just had to have this.

My Father Playing at the Collection
My Father started playing the piano at Neiman Marcus in the Natick Collection last night. Neiman is renting a piano from the Steinway store on rt. 9 through the holidays to have outside of their entrance in the mall. Hearing it played made such a difference to the atmosphere of the mall (no bias!). It definately draws people towards Neiman, which I think is their goal.
I've actually never gone to see my Father play before... He is usually at the Ritz Carlton or a few other hotels and it would be strange if I went there to see him and take photos. However now that he's at the Collection, I think it's a riot!
I was actually at Nordstroms last night when my Mother called and said "By the way Dad's down the hall". I didn't know.
Joe Blanchard
If you happen to pass by on a week night while shopping - be sure to say hi!

happy halloween
I stayed home tonight, watching tv and answering the door to some ghosts & goblins. We actually had a quiet night with only about 25 kids showing. I was bummed that I didn't get to see Tater Tot - but I hear that he was a Dragon :)

Mom carved this today - I love it. I don't know where she finds the time.
Hailey from across the street popped by. She is adorable.
Their fam.
And Shannon made her cameo... nice costume Shan!
We wanted to see all of her candy... She didn't seem to mind.

Hanging with Tater
We got together over the weekend at my aunt Mary's so that Allison could meet some other aunts uncles and cousins. As always, Tater Tot stole some of her show.

Don't worry - we first removed the baby from the carriage.
He didn't know what to make of this.

Allison Blanchard - 8lbs 10oz!
We added a new member to the family last week! My brother had his second child, a little girl named Allison. She is PERFECT!

Hours old.
...And already tired ;)
Meg & Ali. They definately look alike!
The whole fam.
Jason was more interested in running down the halls of the hospital.
& eating his "Pop"
My mom with her new grand-daughter.
Ali & I.
Look at that hair!
Day two - Carol visits.
As well as Allison's great-grandparents!
The other babies in the nursery were very jealous of Ali's Red Sox hat that I got her!
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