I got a haircut
So I let my hair get a little long... Granted I messed it here for this photo, but it was definately time to do something about it.
So I went to the other extreme... haha. If you know me personally, you know that I'm mostly clean cut. Historically I've always had short hair. I let it grow longer this summer, and I actually liked it. It was a controlled mess, and I almost kept it (see my ID photo below). However, I scheduled a hair cut and did away with it this afternoon.

Let me know what you think - leave comments!

Red Sox - Last Game of the Season
On Sunday the crew and I went to the Red Sox at Fenway. The day was perfect! Having excellent seats always helps too.
Hey Kevin, see you at the Youks Kids auction in November!
Kimmy and Ashley.
I love my Fenway self portraits... especially at the night games (more later).
Gotta have the replays...
I love this because of the hood blimp passing by in the windows.
Fanfoto photographer... I did this job for TWO days. It's more fun just going to games as a fan, trust me.
Group shot!
Our trash. We collectively ordered about everything on the premium seat menu.
This photo will soon be for sale in my "MB Collection" page.
The inner workings of Fenway.
Snapped this on the way home, I love it!
Also snapped this out the window. I may be selling some prints of this too... just maybe!


9/11 has changed my life in more ways than one.  Seriously.  I didn' t even know anyone who died.  Today on the sixth anniversary I wanted to pay tribute, but also give you something to read at the same time.  In 2004 when I was graduating from high school, I was one of a few seniors asked to write a senior statement to be published in the school newspaper, the Newtonite.  I immediately knew I wanted to write about 9/11.

Here is what was published in our graduation issue.

"For the past four years, Newton North has been part of many memories that will stay with us forever. We've won awards, made life-long friends, attended proms, and even became state champions. However, one day at North will especially stay clear in our minds forever. As freshman, the class of 2005 was still learning to find its way around the expansive North on our fourth day of high school. The date was September 11th, 2001.  Just about every senior I've asked remembers that day at Newton North in fine detail. It can be compared to the day President Kennedy was assassinated, and our parents remembering their exact whereabouts at the moment they found out. As for myself, my day started in Mr. Vignone's history class, which went as usual except for him turning on the radio, which he had never done. My next class was English with Ms. Craig-Olins. It was here when Mrs. Huntington made her first announcement to the school, briefly describing what had happened up until that point. I then remember hearing a rumor that more had happened then was announced, but I brushed it off as crazy and impossible. Later in gym class, we didn't do much because it was signup day, so people quietly talked. I heard Ms. Baugher and another teacher talking about what they knew, and it confirmed the rumor from earlier. As soon as class let out I went to the library and got on a computer to see for myself. A small crowd of stunned kids gathered around to see too. Not much else went on at school that day, although I did sneak into a classroom that had the news on for a little while. I don't think many kids, including myself, really understood how big the events of the day were at that time. However, it seemed more serious when the bus my friend and I took home everyday, was free of charge, just to get everyone home safe. That night, aside from being glued to the television, I looked through some photos and video I had taken myself less than a month earlier on a trip to New York, which I am now so glad to have. For the Newton North class of 2005, we are the last students to have been at North on that day, and even after a new school is built, it's something we won't ever forget."

I took this picture 28 days prior to 9.11.2001

It's NEVER Too Late For Belated Presents!

Over the holiday weekend, Kim, Steve, & I went to Copley for some shopping.  I think it's my new favorite mall... (until Natick opens).  Anyways, before we left, Kim wanted to go to check out Tiffany's...  (Like she's never been before or something).  I tagged along, checking out the expensive engagement rings and other finely crafted neck wear.

I've never been one for jewelry, or any kind of "accessory" actually.  I didn't even wear a baseball hat until a few years ago!  No watches, no fancy belts, not even sun glasses...  They just never interested me, I guess.  However, a couple years ago on a cruise to Bermuda, I took my casino winnings and bought a gold chain.  Since then I've realized it's okay for guys to wear whatever.  I now have about a dozen hats, a replacement gold chain (RIP), a couple nice belts, glasses... etc!  (still no watch though... hint, hint ;) 

Back to Tiffany's - Did you know they have mens?  I didn't, but apparently Kimmy did.  After splurging on herself (I don't think she wants me to tell you what she bought), she surprised me with a late birthday gift!  It was a sterling silver ring...  Something I've SERIOUSLY always wanted!!  At weddings I'm always taking pictures of rings, but since I'm not married, I never had one of my own.  This is not a wedding ring or anything, lol, but I do love it, a lot.  Steve bought a really nice one, too.  I recommend them as a gift for your guy friends... way to go Kim!

This was a hard shot to take by myself, lol.
In the ring of fire.
I also bought a necklace...  Cool isn't it?
Money can't buy happiness"  right...

Visiting Newport

Day trips are often proposed, but rarely executed.  Amanda and I have been talking about going to Newport, Rhode Island for months.  We finally came to a date that worked, and we went!

A boat-fixer-upper place.  Restoration, I think its called?  Yeah, that's it.

Doesn't this make you want to get outside and work in the yard...  Or at least call a landscaper?

Dream on!!

And over to Bellevue!

The street of the Newport Mansions.  I love this street because it's concrete and not asphalt paved.  Some day I want to live on a concrete paved street...  So neurotic!

I hate to associate this with Newport, but while we were walking down the street this disgusting tour bus drove by projecting gasoline into the air for hundreds of feet.  Cars were stopped behind it because they didn't want to get it all over their cars.  This bus was such a piece - that I couldn't even make out the license plate because it was covered in black suit. 

Everywhere I go, I try to leave it a bit nicer then when I came.  Even when this is impossible, I'm still always conscious of myself.  I always try to do my part, whether it be cleaning up after myself at a friends house, or simply taking home a plastic/aluminum can for recycle - instead of throwing in the trash.  That's why it pisses me off to see things like this, which I see a lot it seems like!


For some reason this house drew us in.  Small but very elegant.

On the side of the estate.

Million dollar porch.

Heading to the Cliff Walk!

The Cliff Walk has an un-finished part to it...  We made it though!

With my new aviators.

Surfers - In Newport!

Self-timer portrait.  Love this one.


The Breakers Mansion. We didn't go in (although I've been before) rather we just walked along the Cliff Walk. We spent a lot of time at the shops, and out to eat, so we no longer felt it was absolutely necessary to go into the mansions. The Cliff Walk was pretty good substitute anyways!

Side gate to the Breakers.

Iron & lock detail. Certainly no Jessica Claire lock!

Me portrait.

I LOVE round trees like this!!

An Afternoon at Grammies

Tater tot came over and spent a day at our house last week.  There was never a dull moment.

Playing the piano with gramps.


He loves watermelon especially.

He also loves Newton fire fighters.

No clue what she was getting into...

I think he knew something was going to come out eventually.

My sister at the controls.

A little more cautious this time.

That was fun!


Going in for the kill.

I love this one.


Colder than you thought?

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