Red Sox - Last Game of the Season
On Sunday the crew and I went to the Red Sox at Fenway. The day was perfect! Having excellent seats always helps too.
Hey Kevin, see you at the Youks Kids auction in November!
Kimmy and Ashley.
I love my Fenway self portraits... especially at the night games (more later).
Gotta have the replays...
I love this because of the hood blimp passing by in the windows.
Fanfoto photographer... I did this job for TWO days. It's more fun just going to games as a fan, trust me.
Group shot!
Our trash. We collectively ordered about everything on the premium seat menu.
This photo will soon be for sale in my "MB Collection" page.
The inner workings of Fenway.
Snapped this on the way home, I love it!
Also snapped this out the window. I may be selling some prints of this too... just maybe!

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