Don't Bother getting me a christmas present...
...Because I already bought everything!

Stephanie came over this afternoon with her sister while I did her senior portrait. As we were leaving to go outside, the door shut, and I realized that my keys were inside. With a few hours to kill until someone could let me in, I asked if anyone wanted to go to the apple store... Stephanie and her sister were down!

And look what I bought!
Stephanie was in shock.
Thanks for coming with me! Long overdue...
The new 24" Imac!
Steph hanging out at the Collection...
Blending in.
My christmas card? I think so!

By the way, I was always the person who said he'd never get a mac... I've always been a huge loyalist to Gateways, and they still hold a place in my heart. However, I just had to have this.

Kevin Youkilis Hits for Kids - Crackin' It Up 2007
Saturday night was the Kevin Youkilis Hits For Kids charity event at Mohegan Sun.
Kevin started his charity this year and "Crackin' Up!" was it's first big event.
Baseball themed, of course.
CBS funny man Mike O'Malley was the emcee.
I had given this woman my business card, and two seconds later I see Mike O'Malley SIGNING IT! I guess it was the only piece of paper she had handy... Ha!!
There was a silent auction with lots of great things for bid. Be sure to bid on the Michael Blanchard Photography gift certificate package next Spring!
Everyone's favorite Red Sox reporter - Tina Cervasio!
Jacoby Ellsbury.
Live auction winners.
The girls!
Mike O'Malley & Kevin Youkilis.
Jacoby & Mike O'Malley.
Enza Sambataro, sitting for the Newlyweds Game!
Ellsbury's lovely galpal - Kelsey Hawkins - being put on the spot!
Manny Delcarmen and his wife Anna.
Terry Francona getting in on the action.
Youk, reacting to one of Enza's answers?
The place was full of laughter.
My siblings Joe, Carol, & I.
A BIG thanks to Kevin & Enza for a GREAT evening! Can't wait to work with you again...
update: Some of my photos ran in the Boston Globe this morning (Monday, Nov 12th, 2007). I have never had any photos in the Globe before, so it is kind of a big deal to me. I'm very happy with the ones they chose, and how the spread looks. A big thanks to Mark Shanahan for coordinating.
The credit gave my website address. I know that it's TINY but I am curious to know if any Globe readers stumbled here after seeing this - so if that is you, please comment below! THANKS!
To view more photos from the event, click on the green button below.
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New proofing books!
Check out my new proofs... They are digitally printed books, spiral bound to perfection!
This is Sarah & Mac's book... I'm obsessed with the cover photo! Hope you like too...
All books are custom to the job and vary in size and number of images per page.

My Father Playing at the Collection
My Father started playing the piano at Neiman Marcus in the Natick Collection last night. Neiman is renting a piano from the Steinway store on rt. 9 through the holidays to have outside of their entrance in the mall. Hearing it played made such a difference to the atmosphere of the mall (no bias!). It definately draws people towards Neiman, which I think is their goal.
I've actually never gone to see my Father play before... He is usually at the Ritz Carlton or a few other hotels and it would be strange if I went there to see him and take photos. However now that he's at the Collection, I think it's a riot!
I was actually at Nordstroms last night when my Mother called and said "By the way Dad's down the hall". I didn't know.
Joe Blanchard
If you happen to pass by on a week night while shopping - be sure to say hi!

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