Meet baby ella!
I was very excited to walk into the house and see these blue eyes staring at me! Makes my job a lot easier :)
She's a mischievous 9 monther, and very cute.
She's big into books. That's a good thing!
Visiting with dad.
Also likes to play a hand of cards every now and then too.
Hi grampa!
Couldn't be cuter.
Where ya off to?
Back with mom & dad! Being smothered is fun :)
Love this.
Christmas card!
Thank you Karyn & Dan for having me do Ella's photoshoot! It was great to meet you. Call me for her first birthday!

To see more of Ella's photoshoot, click on the green button below. The password is Ella's last name.

If anyone else is interested in having baby portraits, let me know! It's also a great gift for the holidays (I have gift certificates).
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Cars Cars & More Cars!
Tonight I went to the new expo center in South Boston for the 2007 New England Auto Show. I was invited by my friends at Team Yu Photography. We looked at tons of cars, made out our Christmas lists, and took a lot of great photos.
So... Jeeps are H.O.T. I did want one, however, I think the interiors have too much of a cheap feel for me. (Spoiled, I know.)
So escalades come in Hybrid now... haha right.
New X5 shifter... very neat!
Tony & Anna checking out the new Bimmers.
My mother wants to buy a mini so I went over to check them out.
And I have to admit... they are very cool!
(I went a bit mini crazy!)
& over to Lexus.
Ahhh! This is my dream come true! A "backup camera" IN THE FRONT! I've ALWAYS wanted this, and now Lexus makes it!
Just some exhaust pipe fun...
Don't you love this red?
Anna, trying to persuade Tony to buy her one.
Me at Mercedes.
I love the curves in this car.
My secret crush... the G-Wagon.
I felt a little like Britney Spears, getting my photo taken through the windshield and all, haha.
The classics.
Tony & Anna of Team Yu Photography.
A lime green car... I was thinking of buying one to match my brand, haha.
(But this is all I can afford).
I love this!
Acura continues to blow me away with their classy styles.
And they win my vote for the nicest dash.
But volkswagen wins my vote for greatest seats. How great is that pattern? If only it came in leather...
The hood of a ferrari.
I know you were wondering what my next car will be... I love black toyota highlanders, hybrid of course. My choice.
Squeaky clean.
It's the future!
This is the car that started it all! Still too dorky for me though, sorry.
Thanks again to Tony & Anna for inviting me!

*I'm interested to hear what your "next car" would be (on me of course). Your limit is 75 thousand. Leave it below!

Greetings from... Jason & Allison
Over the past month I've been snapping away trying to get some good pictures of the kids. Meg wanted a birth announcement photo, and something for a Christmas card. Next time I want to get more of them... TOGETHER! (We had a lot of fun though!)

I'm having trouble seeing a family resembalance... how about you?
Allison, always lounging.
Jason, always on the phone.
Max, always at the bar.
Intrigued by Max.
Playing with his dad.
Hi Max!
Is he not a beautiful kitty?
Staring at that bottle of milk...
A favorite!
Talking with grammie?
Back asleep...
On another day...
Love her!
Meg & Allison.
Jason topping the Christmas tree! (with leaves).

Merry Christmas everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm a bit late with posting this, but I still wanted to share some of my shots from Thanksgiving!

For years we have been pulling on the wishbone! This year it was Mary & Shannon's turn.
I'm thinking she always wins...
A shot from dinner... Shannon & I do an annual "debby downer" photo at all family get-togethers.
Thanksgiving is my mother's birthday. Happy Birthday Ma!

p.s. Look at the back of the cake... I forgot it was in my car and I drove around with it all day, haha oops!
Jason... you are too cute.
I let Shannon play with the 5D for a while... This is what I found on my card, haha.
Carol & I.
Joey giving the kids a ride.
The girls!
Jason getting comfortable next to his "grammie"!
Me & the babe. I love her!
Each thanksgiving we do our annual "staircase family photo"... This is our 2007!

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