Paris Hilton toasts the estate - 1 year anniversary
Only The Estate could being Paris Hilton to Boston. The heiress hosted the clubs 1st anniversary bash on Wednesday night.

The Globe ran my photo of Hilton posing along side a Boston Police Officer. I hope he doesn't get fired for this!
Party girls.
Amanda & I.
7 News reporter Grant Greenberg and friends from the Lyons Group.
Paris Hilton, making her entrance.

Hilton wore the medal she received after being named Harvard Lampoon's "Woman of the Year" at Harvard University.
Paris Hilton with friend Jeff Beacher.
Friends of Hilton and Harvard University students Hannah Hoffman, Ab Gupta, and Andre Moura.
And on to the dance floor where the party began.
Beacher (left) has a show in Vegas that entertains with acts including those of the oompa loompas (right).
Hilton, posing for me.
Another shot of Amanda & I.
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"Dress for success" at the Fairmont Copley
Today I attended a Dress for Success benefit luncheon at the Fairmont Copley Plaza. Dress for Success is an amazing charity that provides women with the clothes they need to help them get the job of their dreams. Todays luncheon, which was attended by 500 people, raised 260 thousand dollars, and was attended by many of Boston's most familiar faces.
Dress for Success Chair member Carol Fulp, board of director Richard Condon, and Co-Founder Enith Levine.
Happy faces as they arrive.
Boston Globe photographer Bill Brett. I've admired this mans work for years and I finally got to say hi.
Board Member Carol Fulp, and Co-Chair Stacey Lucchino.
The ladies in red!
Center pieces... none other than a shoe!
Tom Reilly and Wayne Budd.
Dr. Mallika Marshall.
Carol Fulp.
Virgin Island First Lady Cecile deJongh.
WCVB reporter Shayna Seymour helped out with the live auction.
"What's a couple hundred more?" said the auctioneer while pointing out this mans rather expensive looking tie.
Stacey Lucchino going after a Jewelry set in the auction.
Hall of famer Bill Russell donated something unique... the chance to attend a Celtics game, with him!
Angela Menino.
Supporters of Dress for Success.
Stacey Lucchino and Tom Reilly.
A special thanks to Emmy Whitney at Conventures for having me at the event!

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