Me & Tater Tot on Larry King Live!
My Nephew Jason and I were featured on last night's Larry King Live show with guest Larry Birkhead. I happen to be a huge fan of the show (I take after my Grandmother), and when watching Tuesday night's show, King announced a new feature called "IAsk". He invited America to submit a question for Larry Birkhead (Wednesday night's guest) via video, in addition to regular emails and phone-ins.
A chance to be on Larry King Live? I knew it was something I needed in on. I've also intently followed the Anna Nicole Smith saga from the very beginning. I was devastated when she died, and subsequently I got hooked on the television coverage. Larry Birkhead, the father of Anna Nicole's daughter, Dannielynn, has been in the center of the media frenzy since last year. I have to admit, I've always been a bit jealous of him. A photographer turned celebrity and ex of Anna Nicole Smith. Quite a resume he has... Perhaps there is hope for myself?
One step at a time. I needed a good question to ask Birkhead. I didn't want to bring up Anna Nicole. I needed a question that the CNN staff would want to air, and one that probably wouldn't get asked by King himself. My first instinct was to ask about his future career as a photographer. However, I didn't run with this, and it's a good thing since it was one of King's first topics (we think alike!) I decided to ask something about Dannielynn, and, I would include Tater Tot!
To find out what we asked, watch this clip I shortened for youtube: (We are past the 4 minute mark)

I did a few takes with Jason around the house while nobody was watching, and I sent the best one to CNN around 3:30pm. I wish I could say that I didn't expect it to get picked, but I definitely knew it would. Before I headed to work that night, I told a few people to be sure and catch Larry King... (but only because Birkhead was going to be on!) Just as I expected, at 9:43, I got a phone call.
Not to draw our 15 seconds of fame out any longer than necessary, but I do think it merits some minor appreciation due to the fact that my video was chosen as the first ever "IAsk" question for the show. I can only imagine how many others were sent in as well. It's also fun to think about the millions of viewers that watched, and who may have been among them. I have no doubt that both Virgie and Stern were home watching on the couch!
I just hope that Jason (who I nicknamed Tater Tot for the internet) gets as much of a kick out of this, later in life, as I did just now!

My Neurotic Weakness
If you know me... then you probably know how Crazy I am about my CAMRY! (For those of you who saw my facebook albums & thought I had a Land Rover, now you know) lol. Anyways, I really try my hardest to keep my car as clean as it can possibly be. While my bedroom may beg to differ, my car thanks me daily.

I bought it (used) on valentines day of 2006 (as a present to myself), and it was a real find having such low mileage for it's age (under 5k per year). I've since added a few bells & whistles like gps, Sirius, and most recently, a backup camera.

Don't get me wrong, I know it's not a Lexus, but it never gives me crap, and I can always find my way to a wedding on time.
Monday, it received it's first coat of wax :) I took the car to "Crystal Car Care" in Waltham, MA. I had heard that the guy there is the Best in the Biz, & I can't argue with that. He only takes one car per day, and actually spent five hours on my car alone! My rugs look brand new, and, I can see myself reflected in the hood!

For summer, I recommend you treat yourself (and your car) to one too.
Tater tot approves!

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