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Yesterday turned out to be one of those days where you go for something and you realize that life is about more than just 9-5.  That's because I took off my 9-5 to go meet up with the infamous photographers, Becker & Jessica Claire from California.  Seriously, if you are ever bored, check out their work, it will entertain you for hours. 

I spend so much of my free time checking up on my favorite photographers because I can't tell you just how inspiring they are to me as a young photographer.  [b]ecker & Jess are two of those people who I have come to really admire.  Their entire attitude towards work and play totally agrees with me, and through them I've discovered that it is possible to be in this business and REALLY enjoy it! 

When they announced that they would be in Boston over the weekend, I immediately canceled all of my plans ;)  They were at Boston Beer Works on Saturday, awaiting anyone that wanted to come and say hi.  I ended up not only meeting [b] & Jess, but also 5 other great people from the Boston area, (stalkers like myself).  Needless to say, it really was a very fun evening.

Becker with his crazily recognizable [b] logo!


Jess, playing with my camera... 


Becker with Paula, a portrait photographer, and Taz, a really talented everything photographer. 


The BPD on to you Becker...


Becker was also nice enough to show me how to use my camera a little better.  He hooked it up with some sweet custom functions, which he tested on me!  I love these photos he took... I may use them on my new website (coming in Sept!).


Can you believe this guy uses THAT camera!?  I couldn't... haha!


Jess, Becker & I.


It was such a nice day to be in Boston...


By the way, this image is straight out of the camera...  The settings on my camera that Becker left me with are really awesome... and I had no idea it was even possible. 


After we all departed, my sister met me at Fenway and we tried to get tickets to the game...


Never wait till the last minute...


My sister Carol while we waited in line for tickets.


We usually don't have a problem with her hospital ID but the game was completely sold out... too bad!


I don't usually do an "after thought", but today I will.  I feel that life is too short to do things by the book.  Well, some things you have to do by the book, but I do think lifes short enough that you should try to take advantage of every opportunity that you can.  Going to meet those guys was very random - but I'm really glad I did, and who knows what may come out of it.  I've noticed that little things can sometimes turn into really great big things, especially when you want them to!  At least in this business, that is 100% true.  Networking and getting out there is SO important, and it's something I'm really going to work on.  If your in the Boston area (or anywhere actually), leave me a comment or send me an email to introduce yourself!  Who knows what it could bring you!

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