A Gift For Their Mom
Last year I shot around 33 senior portraits. I started doing seniors when I was a senior - though the first year they were mostly just for my friends. Every year since I started this, I've been doing more and more kids, and each year, they just get better!

Anyways, one of my seniors from last year called me up to do a group portrait of her with her sisters. It would be for their mom's birthday (hope she doesn't check my blog!). They were lots of fun, and most importantly, willing to try anything I suggested.

Kate, Sarah & Jen.
The sun was coming through the clouds in spurts, so it was go time while we had it!
First time I ever did this but I love it!
An older gentleman was walking by and offered to take a shot of me with the girls. Luckily I was wearing white too!
Don't mess!
I pass this row of massive sunflowers every time I go over my friends house... I always wanted to stop. Finally an excuse!
Those are some tall sunflowers...

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