Visiting Newport

Day trips are often proposed, but rarely executed.  Amanda and I have been talking about going to Newport, Rhode Island for months.  We finally came to a date that worked, and we went!

A boat-fixer-upper place.  Restoration, I think its called?  Yeah, that's it.

Doesn't this make you want to get outside and work in the yard...  Or at least call a landscaper?

Dream on!!

And over to Bellevue!

The street of the Newport Mansions.  I love this street because it's concrete and not asphalt paved.  Some day I want to live on a concrete paved street...  So neurotic!

I hate to associate this with Newport, but while we were walking down the street this disgusting tour bus drove by projecting gasoline into the air for hundreds of feet.  Cars were stopped behind it because they didn't want to get it all over their cars.  This bus was such a piece - that I couldn't even make out the license plate because it was covered in black suit. 

Everywhere I go, I try to leave it a bit nicer then when I came.  Even when this is impossible, I'm still always conscious of myself.  I always try to do my part, whether it be cleaning up after myself at a friends house, or simply taking home a plastic/aluminum can for recycle - instead of throwing in the trash.  That's why it pisses me off to see things like this, which I see a lot it seems like!


For some reason this house drew us in.  Small but very elegant.

On the side of the estate.

Million dollar porch.

Heading to the Cliff Walk!

The Cliff Walk has an un-finished part to it...  We made it though!

With my new aviators.

Surfers - In Newport!

Self-timer portrait.  Love this one.


The Breakers Mansion. We didn't go in (although I've been before) rather we just walked along the Cliff Walk. We spent a lot of time at the shops, and out to eat, so we no longer felt it was absolutely necessary to go into the mansions. The Cliff Walk was pretty good substitute anyways!

Side gate to the Breakers.

Iron & lock detail. Certainly no Jessica Claire lock!

Me portrait.

I LOVE round trees like this!!

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