If your a photographer and your reading my blog, you probably already know about the tag game thats going around.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll tell you.  There is a tag game going around. 

Not sure where it started but photographers are tagging other photographers via blog sites, and they must tell 8 things about themselves otherwise not known, and then tag 8 other photographers.  I was tagged twice, by Margaret Singer & Amanda Harris, two great photographers.

Here goes!

1)  I've been on Larry King Live.  It was the episode with Larry Birkhead and Anna Nicole's daughter Dannielynn.  Interested?  Click here to watch!

2)  I have been working at the same restaurant for over six years!  (I am 20 - that's a long time).  It's a family owned joint in Newton called Cabot's.  We are 50's style and have ice cream too.  (I blame the scooping for my tendinitis).  There actually aren't many places around who are willing to hire high schoolers, so when I turned 14, off to Cabot's it was.  My sister (now a nurse at Mass General) had her first job here too.  It's a great place to work instead of a chain like cvs or something.  Plus I think everyone should wait tables at some point in their lives, for obvious reasons.

3)  I have a twin.  Sorta.  There is a small hardware store not far from my house, and one of the guys who works there apparently looks JUST LIKE ME!  I shouldn't say apparently, I've actually discussed this with him, and yes, we do sorta look a-like.  At least 25 times over the past 6 years working at Cabot's, someone has said to me "Do you work at the hardware store??" or, "Do you have a brother at the hardware store??".  He reports that customers at his store frequently ask him about "the kid at Cabot's"!  One of these days I am going to get a picture of us together so I can post it!

4)  I <3 NYC.  My first visit to the Big Apple was around 94' with the fam.  Since then I've been back a dozen or so times.  Going there is actually not what makes me love it so much.  I guess I am just intrigued by the history of it.  My thesis on the race to build the tallest New York skyscraper in the 30's won first place junior year...  I also love old photos of the city.  After 9/11 I slowly realized that everything isn't always going to be here, or look the same.  This fueled my desire to photograph things.  It also started my NYC/WTC collection which includes all kinds of artifacts and memorabilia.  I also buy negatives and slides of the WTC/NYC in hopes of some day publishing a book of other people's photos.

5)  I've never eaten a whole tomato.  I love broccoli and carrots, but tomatoes gross me out!  (As do onions and pickles and mustard... Ahhhhh!)

6)  I actually enjoy going to the doctors/dentist...  I love the smell, ambiance, and personal attention there.  I feel lucky to live in Boston for the chance that someday I will need to be hospitalized.  We have some of the best in the country!  HOW WEIRD AM I!!??

7)  I think my second calling in life is Real Estate.  Lately those house-flipping shows have really gotten my attention.  If you don't watch them, you must start.  My favorites are "Flipping Out" and "The Real Estate Pros".  The guy on flipping out is neurotic and loony, however, I really appreciate his work.  He spends a lot of money on quality renovations that take time.  I wasn't brought up to do things quick and easy (see our home renovation) rather, I like things done right. 

8)  I'm getting a new toy!  MichaelBlanchard.com will be making its debut in the fall!  It will have one of the best looking blogs in the industry, a gallery stocked with photos, and a gift page featuring a line of frames and some one of a kind art work.  Send me your email address so I can keep you posted!

Now it's your turn lucky 8!  (Actually I did 9, deal!)

1.  The Martins - The personal blog of my amazing web designer Brock and his wife.

2.  Taslim Sidi - Another young Boston photographer!

3.  Tony & Ana Yu - A husband and wife photo team also from Newton.

4.  Heather Kincaid - A California photographer with a great eye.

5.  Heather Owens - A portrait photographer from Maryland who really captures emotion well.

6.  Jessica C. Moritz - A stunning photographer from Malta.

7.  Katie Higginbotham - A Florida photographer who loves "real" smiles!

8.  Michelle Howell - A blog dedicated to unique floral designs out of Kentucky.

9.  Crista Chitwood - A 21 year old from Illinois just doin what she loves!

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