Fire in Newton

Newton is a big city.  With that said, tonight I heard fire engines racing somewhere around 8:30pm, from my home in Newtonville.  Around 9pm, Amanda called me from Waban, asking if Newton was "under attack or something".  Apparently she could hear them not only from across town, but also a half hour later. 

I turned on our police scanner, lol, and tried to hear what was going on.  Not willing to wait any longer, I got in my car and headed towards Waban.  Then Mom called and told me it was something on Washington Street, which is a main artery of Newton with lots of large buildings.  It didn't take me long to find the flashing lights, and the suspected fire. 

By the time I had arrived, the apartment complex fire was already out.  The only reasons I go to these are because 1) I am nosey & 2) because I freelance for CNC, one of Boston's major publishers.  They rarely assign things to me but when I come upon something on my own, they'll usually publish it. 

The ladder truck shown here is the one my brother Joe works on.  He wasn't on duty tonight.  I'm sure he'll be disappointed to have missed this one.

Water being sprayed through the roof.

Firefighters on the top floor making sure everything is out.

My favorite.

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