It's NEVER Too Late For Belated Presents!

Over the holiday weekend, Kim, Steve, & I went to Copley for some shopping.  I think it's my new favorite mall... (until Natick opens).  Anyways, before we left, Kim wanted to go to check out Tiffany's...  (Like she's never been before or something).  I tagged along, checking out the expensive engagement rings and other finely crafted neck wear.

I've never been one for jewelry, or any kind of "accessory" actually.  I didn't even wear a baseball hat until a few years ago!  No watches, no fancy belts, not even sun glasses...  They just never interested me, I guess.  However, a couple years ago on a cruise to Bermuda, I took my casino winnings and bought a gold chain.  Since then I've realized it's okay for guys to wear whatever.  I now have about a dozen hats, a replacement gold chain (RIP), a couple nice belts, glasses... etc!  (still no watch though... hint, hint ;) 

Back to Tiffany's - Did you know they have mens?  I didn't, but apparently Kimmy did.  After splurging on herself (I don't think she wants me to tell you what she bought), she surprised me with a late birthday gift!  It was a sterling silver ring...  Something I've SERIOUSLY always wanted!!  At weddings I'm always taking pictures of rings, but since I'm not married, I never had one of my own.  This is not a wedding ring or anything, lol, but I do love it, a lot.  Steve bought a really nice one, too.  I recommend them as a gift for your guy friends... way to go Kim!

This was a hard shot to take by myself, lol.
In the ring of fire.
I also bought a necklace...  Cool isn't it?
Money can't buy happiness"  right...

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