First Visit to Natick Collection

Believe it or not, the town of Natick hasn't always been so "Glamorous!"   I vaguely remember going to the original Natick Mall, before the first new mall was built in the early 90's.   Part of it was outdoors I think, with a playground in the middle.  I also remember the old shoppers world and Jordan Marsh with it's huge dome.  Then there is Lechmeres, and Service Merchandise...  Ha!  Maybe some of those were in Framingham, but who's really keeping track?  Go Here for an interesting article.

Last week, just up rt. 90 West, Natick got it's newest "luxury" expansion, The Natick Collection.  Attached to the old mall is a stunning new wing filled with higher end stores.  The mall is kind of segregated now, it's funny.  They did however integrate the two sections very nicely, I almost didn't notice we were walking into the regular mall.  Maybe I was just too focused on the new water feature, made of black granite.  Did I mention they have valet now?

A few construction pictures first...  Here is the street that ran past Macy's (now J.C. Penny).  Taken Sept 22nd, 2005.
Every time I would go to the mall I parked in the same spot at the top of this garage (now gone) and I'd take a photo of the construction. 
Here, the construction continues on December 27th, 2005.  (I must have been returning a Christmas gift...)
Filene's before it left.  March 2nd, 2006.
A temporary re-route took me past the point where the new mall would eventually connect to the old mall.  Taken June 3rd, 2006.
Looks like this is probably Neiman or the new condos...
Nearing completion, January 29th, 2007.
What's coming "09.07.07"
And, today!
Neiman Marcus.
Nordstrom.  The first in the area and perhaps my new favorite store!
Doesn't this look like an artists rendering and not a photo?
The "trees" are really cool, I have to admit.
This is near where the new part connects to the rest of the mall.  The water feature is very cool.
There is a street that runs under the mall as well as new underground parking.

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