Class of 2008 Seniors
The first senior portraits I ever did were of my friends, during my senior year. Now I'm available to everyone!

My service is mainly geared towards producing at least one really good image for submission to the yearbook. The yearbook only requires a standard headshot... I like to take it a step further. Here are some of the ones I've taken recently.
By the way - being this gorgeous makes my job a lot easier.
Is she not a young Jasmine Star or what!? That's a GOOD thing btw!
I love it when friends come to get their pictures taken together. These three are great friends... Whenever I need help getting someone to smile or relax, it's nice to have someone firmiliar that I can grab to make faces behind my back.

Her friends were telling her to flip her hair like The Donald... Well, Donald has NOTHING on you!
10-15-07 edit - I did some more photos over the weekend. Here are a couple to share.

My favorite background.
Yes, you can use these photos for your modeling portfolios ;)
If you'de like to set up an appointment be sure to call ASAP - spots are filling and the deadline is near! 617-721-8796

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