PhotoPlus NYC
Over the weekend I went to New York City for the 2007 PhotoPlus expo. My main goal was to find and select my favorite new wedding albums to start using in 2008. I think I found all the good ones :)

Cool stairs huh?
Inside the expo, which was at the Javits Center.
Stocking stuffer of the year right here... A self portrait pod thing that you attach your point & shoot to so that you can take your own picture without having to extend your arm out. I WANT ONE!
Tony & Anna Yu of Team Yu photography. Long story short - we met in Boston when Becker & Jess came to visit. We discovered that we were all from Newton so we kept in touch and when they decided to drive to NYC, they let me tag along! It's great to have people close by that are interested in doing the same things as you...
A portrait of me taken by Team Yu.
Lauren from openField photography and I. GREAT seeing you Lauren!
Can you guess what booth we were at??? Leave your guess below -->
We spent the rest of the day out and about shooting the streets of Manhattan.
Believe it or not, his wife put him up to it!
This horse was getting a bath when we walked by.
Street portrait.
A taxi gets a re-fresh.
Post this!
Cup Cakes!
We drove by Ground Zero. I had not been by in a few years. See the building in the back? That's the Deutsche Bank building that is finally being demolished after suffering enormous damage on 9/11.
I love this shot.
On our way out we drove through the Times Sq area. Here is 42nd Street.
We took advantage of the X5's abnormally large sunroof.
Ha! Me in Times Sq (out the sunroof).
A billboard shot I snapped. I kinda like it.

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