My Father Playing at the Collection
My Father started playing the piano at Neiman Marcus in the Natick Collection last night. Neiman is renting a piano from the Steinway store on rt. 9 through the holidays to have outside of their entrance in the mall. Hearing it played made such a difference to the atmosphere of the mall (no bias!). It definately draws people towards Neiman, which I think is their goal.
I've actually never gone to see my Father play before... He is usually at the Ritz Carlton or a few other hotels and it would be strange if I went there to see him and take photos. However now that he's at the Collection, I think it's a riot!
I was actually at Nordstroms last night when my Mother called and said "By the way Dad's down the hall". I didn't know.
Joe Blanchard
If you happen to pass by on a week night while shopping - be sure to say hi!

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