Don't Bother getting me a christmas present...
...Because I already bought everything!

Stephanie came over this afternoon with her sister while I did her senior portrait. As we were leaving to go outside, the door shut, and I realized that my keys were inside. With a few hours to kill until someone could let me in, I asked if anyone wanted to go to the apple store... Stephanie and her sister were down!

And look what I bought!
Stephanie was in shock.
Thanks for coming with me! Long overdue...
The new 24" Imac!
Steph hanging out at the Collection...
Blending in.
My christmas card? I think so!

By the way, I was always the person who said he'd never get a mac... I've always been a huge loyalist to Gateways, and they still hold a place in my heart. However, I just had to have this.

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