It's Just Fog
I was getting a midnight snack from the kitchen when I looked out the window and noticed something odd. I couldn't see the house across the street! There was a crazy amount of moisture in the air tonight, and it was really doing some cool things. I quickly grabbed my camera & went outside.
How creepy are those trees?
Of course my father came outside with his laser pointer!
Neat huh?
My house. Gorgeous isn't it?
There was a group of kids hanging out down the street. Despite my better judgements, I approached them.
They turned out to be nice kids, and were willing to pose for me (after some convincing).
I said... stand in a straight line and do something. This is what they did.

Thanks you guys! (Don't forget to comment!)
FYI - Here is a quick weather lesson for you. Tonight's dew point was 45°F. The actual temperature was 46°F and rising!

What does that equal? Fog!

Moisture in air won't become visible until the temperature rises above the dew point. When it does, everything becomes saturated and foggy as you can see in my photos. I took a weather class in college and it's one of the few classes I really enjoyed.

Here is a current infared satellite image of the New England area, courtesy of Unisys Weather.

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