Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm a bit late with posting this, but I still wanted to share some of my shots from Thanksgiving!

For years we have been pulling on the wishbone! This year it was Mary & Shannon's turn.
I'm thinking she always wins...
A shot from dinner... Shannon & I do an annual "debby downer" photo at all family get-togethers.
Thanksgiving is my mother's birthday. Happy Birthday Ma!

p.s. Look at the back of the cake... I forgot it was in my car and I drove around with it all day, haha oops!
Jason... you are too cute.
I let Shannon play with the 5D for a while... This is what I found on my card, haha.
Carol & I.
Joey giving the kids a ride.
The girls!
Jason getting comfortable next to his "grammie"!
Me & the babe. I love her!
Each thanksgiving we do our annual "staircase family photo"... This is our 2007!

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