Greetings from... Jason & Allison
Over the past month I've been snapping away trying to get some good pictures of the kids. Meg wanted a birth announcement photo, and something for a Christmas card. Next time I want to get more of them... TOGETHER! (We had a lot of fun though!)

I'm having trouble seeing a family resembalance... how about you?
Allison, always lounging.
Jason, always on the phone.
Max, always at the bar.
Intrigued by Max.
Playing with his dad.
Hi Max!
Is he not a beautiful kitty?
Staring at that bottle of milk...
A favorite!
Talking with grammie?
Back asleep...
On another day...
Love her!
Meg & Allison.
Jason topping the Christmas tree! (with leaves).

Merry Christmas everyone!

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