Meet baby ella!
I was very excited to walk into the house and see these blue eyes staring at me! Makes my job a lot easier :)
She's a mischievous 9 monther, and very cute.
She's big into books. That's a good thing!
Visiting with dad.
Also likes to play a hand of cards every now and then too.
Hi grampa!
Couldn't be cuter.
Where ya off to?
Back with mom & dad! Being smothered is fun :)
Love this.
Christmas card!
Thank you Karyn & Dan for having me do Ella's photoshoot! It was great to meet you. Call me for her first birthday!

To see more of Ella's photoshoot, click on the green button below. The password is Ella's last name.

If anyone else is interested in having baby portraits, let me know! It's also a great gift for the holidays (I have gift certificates).
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