It's a barbie world - and she's in the middle of it!
This is Lisa, one of my proud "blog stalkers". Today, Lisa is proud of something else. Her extensive barbie doll collection!
Lisa, a barbie collector of many years, recently found out that she is going to be featured in a magazine well known to barbie world, called Barbie Collector. She immediately called me to take the photos!
As I worked, Lisa explained the ins and outs of Barbie bonanza to me. Every year, at the annual Barbie convention, Matel auctions off a one of a kind Barbie for charity. As you can imagine, this is Lisa's favorite time of year....
All hand made.
Signed by its designer.
This was the 2004 Donatella Versace prototype.
Lisa had to have it. She is very proud!
This might be a secret, but Lisa outbid popular Barbie collector Demi Moore for this one... Crushed!!

Demi, if your reading this, be sure to comment!
Apparently this doll on display isn't the real crowning jewel... It's in the shoes.
Made by Harry Winstons, they are really something to look at. They even come with their own bag.
Follow to Barbie land!

Okay, I made up that name... but come on, look at this room!
Only a little bit creepy :)
Having my own personal collection at home helped me to understand and appreciate Lisa's enthusiasm for her Barbies dolls. Go here to read about my collection! - The Michael Blanchard NYC Collection.

Thank you for inviting me into your crazy world!
If you would like to check out Lisa's article, and my photos, be sure to pick up a copy of Barbie Collector in 2008!
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