Merry Christmas from our home to yours!
My father worked extra hard to install our new beautiful wall oven by Christmas... and you can see why the rush!
Shannon came by to help bake!
Nonnie & Carol.
Tater & I, playing with some lighting.
My brother filling out his survey... Carol & Shannon came up with this game for us to play at dinner.
The instructions called for us to "write 1 nice thing you appreciate and/or like about (everyone in the room)". It wasn't easy!
Dexter filling his out... NO peaking!
There were some funny answers...
Dex & Mary.
Yeah... I gave out fire extinguishers! haha, I thought it was a GREAT "extra" gift and may even come in VERY handy some day.
A Christmas Story is one of our families FAVORITE movies of all time. We watch multiple times every Christmas on TBS. When Carol saw this set of cards she immediately bought one for everyone!
LOOK AT ALI! She is AMAZING! So cute...
Joey unwrapped the gift of power tools.
Mom enjoying her new diamonds :)
Dad & Tater watching some tv.
Shannon with her new shirt! Sorry about the Johnny Cupcakes ET shirt being sold out... (You'll live!)
We headed over to Jimmy & Carol's to visit with the Cardarelli side too.

What a good looking family!
I love Elaine!
Mark & Carol.
Most of the Cardarelli's. We've never done a group shot before so I forced it on everyone this year. I'm glad I did... We don't see each other a lot and it's too bad!! That's why I love Christmas Eve so much! All of the visiting!

If your in this picture please do not forget to comment below!!

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