Children's Hospital on Christmas
On Christmas morning, Kevin Enza & I went to Children's Hospital to visit the kids. Unlike Kevin & Enza, I had never done this before. It was more emotional for me than I expected. You don't realize just how trivial most everyday tasks are until you see the grand scheme of things. It's hard to see sick little people lying in the hospital, and on Christmas of all days. They were all troopers though! It was very nice to be able to visit them and their parents.

This little girl was SO adorable. We were coming down the hall we heard her yelling "Youuukkkkk" from the room. It was precious.
What a handsome little guy! They look alike a little?
Another fan!
Can you tell it's Christmas?? This girl was decked head to toe in Hannah Montana gear!
Get your cameras out!
This guy and his friend were pretty big sports fans. They had a binder just for autographs!
Another DOLL! When we left she said "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"
He was obviously a big fan, check out the blanket!
While nobody was particularly excited to see me... it was still SO great to be part of something that brought a few minutes of happiness to these guys on Christmas. We wish you all the very best!

For a listing of up-coming bone marrow donor drives in the Boston area, please click here!.

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