Ringing in the new year!
After a stop by my cousin Scott & Wendy's party, I dropped my sister off in Southie before heading to Kim's house.

Carol & Becky. Becky, if you're reading this, be sure to leave a comment or two! I know you stalk me... ;)
Playing wii at Kim's!
Allison & I in the 50's room.
Steve & Sabrina.
Ashley & Kim.
But of course, PARTY FAVORS!!!! What is a party without?
Gabe & Lani.
Almost 2008!
Allison playing bartender.
Grapes, anyone?
Allison & Kimmy.
Lani & Allison.
3's a crowd! or is it, 3's company?
...I brought lighting to the party, haha.
Milvs, Kim & Sabrina.
Ash & I.
Nothing compared to Thanksgiving!
Group shot on the pool table!
I love this one!
Can anyone guess who we're tributing? Leave it below!!
Happy New Years!! Make it a good on :)

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