Dave & Patrick - The Wedding!
Meet "d+p".

Four facts about these two...

1. "d" (Dave) is the president of a company which I've been doing some freelance brochure photography for.
2. "p" (Patrick) is a New York City history buff! (I was excited to find this out, because I am too.)
3. "d+p" have two wonderful little boys, "n+j".
4. "d+p" love the Boston Pops! So much in fact, that they decided to bring their out of town wedding guests to Symphony Hall on the night before the wedding, so that they could experience this Boston tradition first hand.

Symphony Hall.
Some of the orchestra.
Their guests enjoying the performance.
Pops conductor Keith Lockhart.
"p" + one of his good friends.
I had been to the pops before... just never sitting in the first 5 rows. Being on the floor is different from being on the balcony. It's kind of a social event. There are waitresses, tables, and dancing! It's a lot of fun.
Wedding guests.
Pop's guest star Ron Raines came on stage to sing some Opera. You may remember him from Guiding Light.
"d+p" at the end of the night.
"p", going over some finishing touches on the morning of the wedding.
Did I mention that the ceremony took place in their home? There was just enough room in the living room for everyone.
(...And now you see where "d+p" came from! It was their wedding logo.)

At one point, d+p planned to have the ceremony in a tent, outside, in December. Therefore, they had blankets made for their guests! Even though the ceremony turned out to be inside after-all, they made for unique and lasting favors. By the way, if there are any left overs... :)
Their house is impeccable.
Ring shot. "No Refunds or Exchanges!"
"n+j" watching for the buses to arrive!
Some of the guests arriving at the house.
Back to the living-room, guests take their seats.

Sitting in the middle seat is my friend Stephanie! She is actually the one who created the wedding logo and print materials. She is an amazing graphic designer, and looking to do more wedding branding on the side. If your interested in using her for your event, let me know and I will give you her info.
Meanwhile upstairs, "n" is getting his suit on!
A candid moment during the ceremony.
Officially now, "d+p"!
The whole family.
At the reception.

By the way, my talented assistant Taz shot this and a few other of my favorite detail shots. She's so good!
Flowers by Winstons.
Judging by his company, I don't know why the face!
Remember I told you about Stephanie? This is more of her work... It's priceless!
"d" + Tanya, the families au pair.
I hope you enjoyed a look into their special day. If you would like to see more of the photos, click on the green button below to view the full gallery. The password is the name of the town where the reception was held. Enjoy!
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