Victoria Beckham - personal appearance at Saks Fifth avenue
Victoria Beckham was in Boston today signing autographs (and pairs of jeans) at Saks Fifth Avenue in the Prudential Center.
She was just as I imagined.
The showing was unbelievable. It actually got kinda scary at one point... everyone was crowding around her.
Victoria's UK bestseller.
A+ for effort.
Spice Girls fans?
Reminding everyone where they were.
Victoria with her new jeans.
Starting at $220, available at Saks Fifth Avenue.
And to wrap up the spice sensation, the girls had a reunion concert at the Garden the same day.
I used my press pass to get in. The tour only allowed the media to stay for two songs though.
The Spice Girls.
I have to say - The Spice Girls were never my thing. I can only recall two of their songs at best. I chose to shoot them for fun, since they seemed to be taking Boston by storm. It was a fun day, I love covering things like this... and I'll be doing more!

If you would like to see more photos from Saks, or the concert, click on the green button below. Enjoy!
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