2008 New England Flower Show Preview Party
Tonight I attended a preview party for the 2008 New England Flower Show, held at the Bayside Expo Center. Being able to see everything without a million people crowing around was nice, I have to say. The food, wine & desert was excellent, too.
Flower show details!
Keeping it simple.
Did I mention that my father, Joe Blanchard, was playing the piano at this event?
He caught me spying on him with my telephoto!
He was located right in the center of the expo for the first hour of the show, which was cool.
The landscaping was phenomenal. You would never know that you are inside a building...
Mayor Menino came by to say a few words.
The Henri Smith band from New Orleans played after my father. They were great!
We are thinking of getting some of these for the yard...
This surely must have won some kind of award, right?
Cucumber martinis!
I love this one.
The straw exhibit was amazing.
Back around 2001 was the last time I had gone to the Flower Show. At the time I was sporting a 1 megapixel Agfa digital camera... Somehow I captured this shot which we later called "Rise and Shine". It won 2nd place in the show's photo contest.
This was my 2008 attempt at the same shot, now using a 13 megapixel Canon! (It's still not the same though).
My parents and their gift bags, haha. We didn't know there were actual plants in the bags until we got home!
The show is in Boston until the 16th, click Here for more info.

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