The Home of an Interior Designer
I was recently asked to shoot the personal residence of a very talented decorator about to launch a new website. My photos were to depict her most treasured body of work, of which took years of heart and soul to put together. Talk about pressure!

After spending all day in this great home, I started to think it was mine... That's when I knew it was time to pack up & get out!
I love the feel of this photograph. Doesn't it make you want to move in? Check out that lamp... and chair!
Most of the art work in the house had been collected over the years throughout the families travels.
Look at the way the pillows are appointed... These are the little secrets that designers all over the world are not telling us!
This painting was found on a wall in SoHo.
I love how clean this looks.
Great use of mixed media.
This plant required about 20 minutes of TLC, but worked beautifully in the end.
On to the dining room...
I'm so glad I waited till the afternoon to shoot this room... By then the reflection on the wall from outside was perfect!
This one makes me feel like I'm at the MFA. I love the gold frames!
Thank you to Dave Henderson for teaching me everything I know about the lighting and photography of interiors!

I will be heading back to photograph more of this beautiful home in the near future, so be sure to check back for part two!

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