Baby Giovanni back in the hospital
After a year of amazingly good health and progress following a successful transplant, my friend Giovanni Guglielmo is back at Children's Hospital in Boston. I visited him yesterday in the ICU where he was resting comfortably and in stable condition.

*Update 03/31 - Due to some overnight complications, Giovanni is currently fighting for his life. Click here for a medical update.
Please pray for my friend's recovery.
Giovanni was taken to a New Hampshire hospital on Wednesday after coming down with a common cold and fever. His throat started to swell making it hard for him to breathe, so an intubation was given to free his airway. It didn't go as planned though, and one of Giovanni's lungs collapsed. He was immediately airlifted to Children's Hospital.
Giovanni is currently sedated and on a breathing machine until his lungs are well again. Paralytics are used to keep him still.
Thankfully his respiratory virus is starting to go away. Rest has truly become the best medicine.
Friends of Giovanni have been calling and writing since they found out he was in the hospital.

His Dad Michael responds to each well wish and continually updates progress on the Help Giovanni Guglielmo website.
He has been with his son the entire time. I'm sure Giovanni knows by now that he will never have to wake up alone.
I was devastated to find out that Giovanni was back at Children's on Wednesday. I couldn't help but imagine the worst. Once I saw him in person though, my fears went away. There is something about him that is reassuring and peaceful. I know that he will be fine because it's the kind of kid he is. "That which does not kill us only makes us stronger" -Friedrich Nietzsche.

I also believe that there is a reason why Giovanni, and his entire family, have been put through such hell. Because of Save Giovanni's Friends, 9 others have been able to find a bone marrow match to date. Giovanni was put here to save lives.

I am partnering with Save Giovanni's Friends to hold a bone marrow drive sometime in June, somewhere in Boston. We are going to exhibit some of my photographs at the drive. The details are to be determined, so please stay tuned!

(If you never saw my original photo essay about baby Giovanni, click here to view it. Click here to read a Laconia news article.

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