April Fools at the Boston Athenaeum
It's hard to believe a gem like this is practically hidden at the top of Beacon Hill. Perhaps one of Boston's best kept secrets, the Boston Athenaeum is a 200 year old independant library. I was fortunate enough to be invited to their 12th Annual April Fools Party on Friday. The Athenaeum is actively interested in exposing a younger generation to this century old establishment.

How cool is this place? Squished in between some larger buildings, the Athenaeum is just up the road from the State House.
I kid you not - the number to the building is actually 10.5! This was not an uncommon practice back in the day...
Many of The Athenaeum's members are prominant figures of Boston. It is quite the meeting place!

If anyone is interested in joining, please fill out their online application.
Marybeth Nelson, Phil Ruedi, Laura Staich, Charles Swift & Clark Rockefeller.
There was a band playing on the walkway above the party which sounded great!
This is a little study room I went to check out...
David Wedemeyer, Benjamin McGuire, Nancy Johnson, Bhamati Viswanathan & Joshua Janson.
Laura Barrett & Scott Desmond.
Guy W. Tunnicliffe III, Kimberlea Tracey, Alec and Kat Holliday, & Trench Forbes.
Thanks again to my friend Steve for introducing me! **Click on the green button below to view more photos from this event!
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