the official trolley tour of the boston red sox
Keep your eyes open this week because you might see some of my photos pop up in the papers. I recently shot an advertising campaign for Old Town Trolley Tours of Boston, which has just named the Official Trolley Tour of the Boston Red Sox.

This shoot entailed one orange & green trolley, 23 cast members, a bunch of red sox caps, a PR guy, and Boston's Fenway Park.
Old Town Trolley, meet Fenway Park!

Fenway Park is now being integrated into their tour route. Guests will now stop here to have lunch, on the Green Monster seats!
Another angle... These guys were such great sports!
This is my favorite image... A panoramic of the ballpark with America's favorite Trolley front and center!

Note: Because this composite is about 20 photographs in one, it is very high quality and can be blown up very large!
Myself along with my favorite production assistants, Charlene Kim and Chris Gilmore.
Our next shot of the whole crew!
A truly great bunch of people...
Charlene snapped this of me working...
Chris helping with lighting.
Another shot, on the corner of Yawkey Way.
Turning the corner!
We blocked off Lansdowne Street for about ten minutes to get this next shot.
I think I'm going to invest in a better ladder!
I love this shot, too!
Check out these amazing panoramic Charlene took of me working. Thanks, Charlene!
Riding in the pickup!
A special thanks to my new friends at Old Town Trolley Tours! Stay tuned for our next shoot - Ghosts and Gravestones!

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