Ovations for the Cure - A Carmen Marc Valvo Fashion Show
Dressing up for a cause? Thats what was happening last Friday at the Natick Collection! Ovations for the Cure of Ovarian Cancer threw another awesome fashion show, this time by Carmen Marc Valvo himself. Not your average lunch hour, that's for sure!
The event was put together in the new portion of the Natick Collection, over by the infinity pool.
Patti Franchi Flaherty and Carmen Marc Valvo.
How amazing does that cheesecake look right about now?
Silent auction... Ovations always gets such amazing items!
Drinks at the mall!
These two totally cracked up when I asked to take their picture. They just could not believe anyone would want their picture!

I told them I was waiting for them all day :D They loved me!
Meanwhile, backstage.
Some of the models waiting to get dressed.
Lunch is served.
Emcee and survivor, Joyce Kulhawik.
Ovations founder, Patti Franchi Flaherty.
Carmen Marc Valvo introduces his show.
Shoppers were in for an unexpected treat!
Nice pose!
This dress was raffled off to a woman in the crowd.
I love this shot!
Some models & their moms on the way out.
I stopped upstairs for a panoramic. I love this space!
Can't wait for the next amazing event! Special thanks to Ovations, and to Sabre Imagery for coordinating.

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