"Here's the pitch" presented by the Ad Club
The Ad Club of Boston is an age old organization filled with members from the wonderful world of advertising. The Ad Club holds between 12-20 events a year ranging from awards banquets to seminars and even golf tournaments. They are always a great time and are the perfect place to network! Yesterday the Ad Club held a series called "Here's the Pitch" at Fenway's Game On.
Signage by the amazing Kim Nolen!
Key people which I need ID's on! :)
Happy advertisers thankful to be spending their Monday lunch break at Game On!
Ad Club president Kathy Kiley.
Boston.tv came by!
Fran Kelly, CEO of Arnold Worldwide.

Mr. Kelly gave a great presentation about pitching ad campaigns. You wouldn't believe the time effort and money that goes into simply proposing an idea for an ad! If anyone can do it though, it's Arnold. They have some of the most recognizable brands under their belt, including VW, Volvo, Jack Daniels and Ocean Spray.
Side note about me:

I never considered a career in advertising photography until recently. After taking a class with a renowned commercial advertising photographer and then being introduced to the Ad Club, I am pretty inspired to give it a go. I actually just wrapped up my first campaign for Old Town Trolley Tours of Boston. It was a TON of fun and I hope that this is the beginning of something great!

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