Congratulations to Cara & Shaun - Married on July Fourth!
You won't meet better people then Cara & Shaun... They are so kind, genuine and just plain FUN! The fact that their wedding was on July Fourth was very fitting, partly because they are members of the United States Army, and also because they like to PARTY!

When I walked into Cara's house I immediately noticed these dolls on the dining table. Soon after I took this picture, Cara began to play with them. It was as if she was 7 years old again, playing dress up and dreaming of one day finding her prince charming.
Meet Cara.
Meet Shaun.
Cara is actually VERY beautiful!

Cameron Diaz has NOTHING on you!
Check out her brides maid's salon! She converted a room in her house into a fully functional shoppe, perfect for Cara's big day!
Enza lending a hand or two.
The guys being tough with their cigars!

Photo courtesy of my talented assistant Tony Yu.
How gorgeous is she? I mean really.
Arriving at the church!
I was so happy to find out that Cara & Shaun were being married at my church - Our Lady's. It is so grand and beautiful!
The rings.
That chilled champaign must have been pretty good... because it was a HOT July Fourth!
Meet Maive!
These two have their pose down.
This is such a happy photo - I had to include it!
We were on the grass taking photos when one of the guys started motioning towards the water. What could it be? A child struggling to swim? A flock of ducks? Oh... wait, it's just a car-boat, duh! HA!! We immediately chased it down for some photos.
Hanging out before the reception!
What's a July Fourth wedding without a flag shot?
Father-in-law love!
How patriotic!
Cara doing her thing.
She would probably kill me for posting this, but too bad, it's GREAT!
This guy could sing a MEAN New York, New York!
The guests were digging it too.
If one picture could capture Cara's feelings for Shaun, this is it.
Perhaps Hotel Marlowe hired Bobby Trendy to decorate. Man we had some fun on this couch!
Why not bring the fun down to the hotel lobby?
And outside!

Don't forget, this was July Fourth. There were TONS of people walking outside. This pedestrian had NO idea what hit him...
Cara & Shaun, you guys are the GREATEST! I am so glad we have become great friends; I can't wait for you to visit Boston soon! Thank you so much for having Tony and I as your photographers - not a minute of it was work! BEST wishes to you both!

More photos are available at the green link below. The password is the couple's last name.
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