An Afternoon with paka
&I didn't grow up with any pets in our house - not even a fish. Actually, most of my family friends are pet-less as well. Since I'm just not around them much, I'm not what you would call a "pet person". However, today I had a great time photographing a friend of a friend's dog, Paka! We rolled around on the floor together, ran up and down the stairs and even ate some cheese!
Paka is a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

She has a beautiful stripe of hair on her back which runs in the opposite direction of the rest of her hair. So unique!
Still a puppy, but getting so big!
Carissa and Paka sharing a moment.
On her blanket.
Carissa told me that when Darren got home, Paka would run to greet him. Well, sorta. Instead she bolted for the front yard!
I love this picture of her on the stairs!
Family photo!
Who could say no to those eyes!

Paka got tired from being in the spotlight.
Thanks again for choosing me to take Paka's puppy portraits! If anyone else is interested in pet portraits, let me know!
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