Hotel Commonwealth and the 2008 Charles Regatta
There is nothing that says Boston better than the Charles Regatta! Well, except for the marathon... This past weekend was the 2008 Head of the Charles Regatta. With thousands of competitors and their families here for the week, Boston's in full force!

Another Boston favorite of mine is Hotel Commonwealth. Located in the heart of Kenmore Square, Hotel Commonwealth certainly never sleeps! As the official hotel of the Regatta, Hotel Commonwealth hosted a tent party for some special clients and guests.
The food was provided by Eastern Standard.

If you've never been to Eastern Standard, you must go! It's connected to Hotel Commonwealth and they have a GREAT lunch and were voted one of the BEST bars in America by Esquire Magazine! Did I mention their oyster bar?
It's never too cold out for champaign!
Molly Courcy and Al Stankus of Boston.
Boston College.
What a great looking family!
Coffee or cider?
Mo Kahlil, Christina Mack, Leonard Lee and Peter Mack of Boston.
Andre and Jamie Coelho of Boston.
Not sure what he was going for but I love this picture!
Steve Jacobs and Christina Bain of Boston and Manchester.
Laura and Jonathan Ciaramella of Los Angeles.
Never stop smiling!
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