Kelly & Bryan - Married on Columbus Day!
If you have ever worked at a family restaurant before, chances are you probably made a few friends at work. Prior to their professional careers, Kelly and Bryan both waited tables at the infamous Stockyard Steak House in Brighton. Best friends ever since, Kelly and Bryan tied the knot earlier this month in front of their family, friends, and even a few fellow Stockyard alumn!

Bryan gave this card and necklace to Kelly on the morning of their wedding.
Check out this room at Kelly's parents house! Cool paint job huh?
Kelly's makeup provided by her beauty-extraordinaire cousin.
Amanda chose to do her own though!
I love this shot of Kelly right before she left the house!
Amanda and Sandy.

FYI - I met Amanda and Sandy from working at Cabot's! Sandy and Kelly are sisters. Amanda was Kelly's maid of honor.
This is Bryan just before the ceremony began.
Kelly and her dad, waiting for their cue to call!
St. Judes in Waltham.
The pastor who married Kelly and Bryan also happens to be Kelly's uncle!
Limo-no-more! Check out the transportation provided by Old Town Trolley Tours. FUN!!!
A toast on the way to Butternut Farm Golf Club!
Sandy's dad looking relaxed.
I love the tall trees and the orange dresses together!
The band let Kelly's brother Mark play the drums for a few minutes...
Mark scored himself some major points in doing so!
Photo by Anna Yu.
Look how much fun they were having dancing to the band!
Wally seems to spout up everywhere, don't you think?
Thanks so much to Kelly and Bryan for having me at your wedding!

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