Relaxing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
My passport got it's very first stamp last month as I travelled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a two week trip. Business brought me to "Los Cabos", but every minute was pleasure! My first four days was spent relaxing at the Riu Palace. Here are some favorites...
What a change of scenery coming from winter in Boston!
I love the golden mid-day sunlight in Mexico!
The Riu Palace has a clear view of the rocks at the tip of Cabo.

Click HERE to see a panoramic of this view!
This trip fortunately introduced me to a very special person - Debbie Ryan. She is the one who invited me to the Riu.

I swear, its like I've known her my whole life. Deb is a destination wedding planner in Boston. Just, not your average wedding planner... She is FULL of life and can make any situation entertaining. Debbie Ryan is no Debbie Downer.
Best $20 ever spent! This man took us from our resort straight to the tip of Cabo.
Some of the rocks up close.
Anyone recognize Scooby Doo?
It was hard to stand up on this boat, the driver had a heavy foot!
Back to shore... Getting on and off of these boats is the truly entertaining part. Ha!
At the entrance of the Riu.
Beautiful landscape of Cabo.
Deb and I on our way to dinner!

This is my favorite picture from of our stay at the Riu Palace... We had such a great time!
If anyone is considering a destination wedding, Debbie is #1 in Boston. She is organized, down to earth, hard working and FUN! Also a travel coordinator, Deb does it all. Go to and ask for Deb!

More photos from Cabo coming soon!

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