Herb Chambers Master of Excellence - Showcase Live
If you live in the New England area, chances are you or someone you know have purchased a car from Herb Chambers. With over forty area dealerships ranging from Lexus, Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Infiniti and BMW just to name a few, Herb Chambers is a busy guy. With all of his success, comes thanks. Every year a select few of deserving Herb Chambers employees gather for a black tie affair called, Master of Excellence. This year the coveted awards ceremony was held at the new Showcase Live in Patriot Place, Foxborough. I have never seen so many "dealer" license plates all in one parking lot before!
Over sixty awards were handed out on stage.
Nicole Martin and fiancee Michael.
Gentlemen from the beautiful new Lexus of Sharon dealership on Route 1.
Herb Chambers.
This man won manager of the year.

Clearly the culture at Herb's dealerships is unique. It was nice to see people appreciated for their hard work.
Herb Chambers and Melissa Lee.
This lady was crazy - I loved her.
A special thanks to my associate Taz for helping out!

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