Happy 40th Anniversary Cabot's Ice Cream & Restaurant!
This summer marks forty years of business for a famous local landmark - Cabot's Ice Cream & Restaurant. Generations of Newtonites continue to visit Cabot's for their larger then life ice cream sundaes, delicious waffles, and hearty sandwiches.
Cabot's held an "Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social" on Saturday in honor of their 40th anniversary.
Flippo the clown entertained.
My friend Lisa & myself.

I actually photographed Lisa last year for a magazine that wrote about her. Click HERE to see the photos!
It's an ice cream world... and Lisa is a BIG fan!
Stephanie, you're beautiful.
Joseph Prestejohn, owner of Cabot's and Newton Mayor David Cohen enjoying a dish of vanilla!
Lori & Amanda.

Love the pins!
Cabot's family photo + myself.
"Mrs. Cabot"

If you're from Newton, Mrs. Cabot is likely a familiar face!
Cabot's was recognized by the state for "providing scoops of fun and smile to the people of Newton" for forty years!
Incase you didn't know, Cabot's gave me my first job in the summer before my freshman year of high school, at age fourteen. Few places are willing to hire kids this young (for good reason!) so Newton North students are lucky to have Cabot's down the street. With seven years under my belt, working there allowed me to, among other things, buy my own car and start my business (those cameras didn't pay for themselves!) I think it's awesome that my first job wasn't at a gas station, grocery store or swimming pool, but at a unique restaurant that I can continue to visit for hopefully, another forty!

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