Melanie & Billy - Married on New Years Day!
Mel & Billy are two of the most down to earth people you'll ever meet. They also have one of the cutest babies I've ever seen. On the first day of 2010, Mattie's parents got married at Our Ladys church in Newton. The weather was great, the guests were happy and the pictures came out great! Though, how could you take a bad picture of these two? I mean seriously... look at them!
Tough day at the salon!

By the way, Mel and the girls got ready at Salon de Cinzia, the best salon in Newton!
Makeup by Candace Marino.
Mels kicks for the day.
Melanie & Enza.
I love this one.
She resisted the veil but too bad coz' I liked it!
Mel & her girls.
Melanie & I.
Billy & Mel at the church, giggling about something!
Father Walter Cuenin performed the ceremony - the best priest we have ever had!
Mattie joined just after they were pronounced husband & wife.
Great shot!
Mattie, pre-meltdown.
Click HERE to see the panoramic in a larger size.
On the trolley to Boston!
Enza & Mikey.
We stopped at the Public Gardens for some photos.
We had fun with our audience!
Whoever said you can't get great portraits in the winter is wronnngggg!!!!!!!
Billy & the guys outside Avila.
Eddie doing what he does best.
You had to be there...
Mel & Enza with DJ Felix!
Love you guys! Hope you enjoyed the photos!
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