Abby's 39th ... and holding!
This weekend I attended Abby's 39th birthday party at the Exchange Conference Center in South Boston.
Appropriately so, Abby had a penny candy store at her party! She is one for a sweet tooth...

Click HERE to see a larger photograph.
My teeth would start to hurt if I ate any more of this gum...
Abby & I.
Abby's family owns Hopple Popple event planning out of Newton - this is the team, past and present!
Great seeing you, Deb!
The beautiful family.
The event space. Click HERE to see a larger photograph.
My girls from Hopple Popple!
Abby & her favorite DJ.
Abby's favorite Journey tribute band from NY played.
I glanced over and saw one of the catering staff rocking out... I love this shot!
Such a great venue for a party!
Sorry, Abby, I had to!
By Icing on the Cake in Newton!!
Like kids in a candy store...
Happy Birthday!! Thank you for including me!

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