Kelley's 40th Surprise Birthday Party!
Earlier this month I photographed Kelley Doyle's surprise fortieth at a friends home in Lexington. She definitely had no idea!

Erin Duggan Lynch, Kerry Brett, Kelley Doyle, Danny Gallagher and Walter Whalen.
Walter Whalen and Elisha Daniels.
Kelly Duggan, Kelly Bucklen, Kelley Doyle and Kelley Tuthill... That's a lot of K's!!
Kelly and Marc Bucklen.
Lisa Lynch, Frank Wisneski and Lynn Dale - I love these guys!!
Kelley and Walter - you look great!
Danny Gallagher brought his guitar...
Elisha and Erin.
Kelley and her girls!
Hosts Michael and Trisha Perez Kennealy, Kelley Doyle and Walter Whalen.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures - Happy Birthday!
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