In memoriam - My Aunt Margaret
This week we said goodbye to my wonderful Aunt Margaret. She will be deeply missed by all who knew her.

My Aunt Margaret was a kind and gentle soul who never said anything negative or unpleasant. It was her calming and accepting nature that I will remember most. Margaret did not drive a fancy car or live a lavish life for she didn't need to, her three girls were her everything. Margaret wanted nothing more then to be there for Annie, Kathleen and Elizabeth. When she found out she was pregnant with the twins she left her job as a buyer for Talbots to be with them. She quickly found a niche for herself in their beloved town of Westwood by joining various Mother's groups and participating in the PTA. She would even make friends at the playground - it was hard not to instantly like her. Then as the girls got older my aunt took a day job at a Dedham school caring for children with special needs. It was the perfect second career for Margaret because only a person with her empathy and patience could provide the love and attention these kids needed on a daily basis. There was nobody else like her.

As I looked through hundreds of pictures to make this collage, I don't think I found one photo that Margaret wasn't smiling in.
I suppose the only good thing about this past year and her fight with Melanoma is that we all got to know each other a little better. She not only made you feel comfortable when visiting, but she even made you feel good about yourself by the interest she showed and the care in her heart. They don't make them like you anymore... We miss and love you Margaret!

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