David Yurman Hosts Fundraiser for BCRF
Ten percent of sales at the Copley Place David Yurman boutique went to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation yesterday.

Breast cancer survivor, Kelley Tuthill.

Stacey Lucchino.
Linda, Samantha & Kimberly.
Kelley Tuthill, Myra Biblowit and Claire Noland.
Andrea Brooks, Elisha Daniels, Linda Waintrup, Rima Gluzman & Stacey Lucchino.
Walter Whalen ...

Kelley Doyle, I can't wait for you to see this picture!
Donna Stearns and Myra Biblowit.
Lynn Dale, Stephanie Millon and Naomi Kooker.
Andrea Brooks.
Laura Grat and Kathleen Asack.
Rima Gluzman & Stacey Lucchino.
Looking good, Linda!
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