Tater Tot's "Weekend at Grammies"
My brother & his wife are off to Miami for her brother's wedding, and Tater Tot is staying with us for the weekend! You know... the kid from Larry King? lol, I'll stop now. Anyways, I haven't really ever had a whole day to photograph him, so today we had fun playing and taking pictures. I thought I would post some of my favorites so you can see how big hes getting!
Pancakes and strawberries for breakfast! By the way, this kid woke up at SIX THIRTY TODAY
Jason & I.
Carol (my sister) & Jason playing with bubbles on the porch.
Our neighborhood is near a truck yard, and Jason LOVES trucks. He made this face & yelled out to EACH ONE that passed.
He INSISTED on driving his fire truck on the grass. Apparently the smooth driveway wasn't enough of a challenge?
My father with his grandson.
He noticed my camera and came to investigate.
Bath time!
...Never too young to teach a child about oral hygiene :)

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